The Native Borne Village

We created a forum where people can engage with each other directly on our website. This was always part of the plan, it just took longer than expected to create.

Forums have less spam, are easier to moderate, and are better at searching archives and storing information.

Unfortunately, Facebook groups put content on top of content so you can’t see what has been asked or what the responses were to a particular question. 

Moreover, conversations are subjected to the whims of whatever the Facebook algorithm says, so you may or may not see content from the group. 

(Plus, unlike Facebook, and even WhatsApp, we don’t sell your data. The Native Borne Village is a clean-cut community site.

So, what you can expect with the Village. 

Topics categorize our Forum; people follow the topics they are interested in and create a thread of discussions. There is no concept of followers and followings in a forum, But you can subscribe to topics or threads that interest you.

In addition to the Forum, we have built our own social network where you can gain followers and friends. You can post updates on your feed, post comments, like the comments of others, and so on.

So basically, the Native Borne Village consists of a private forum and a private social network.

Also, We will be offering fun rewards based on your engagement within the community (coming soon). This is a fantastic way to reward our most loyal contributors. 

So why have we created a forum? Well, there are a few reasons for this. For one, this Forum was created as an extension of our Patreon website.

Our Forum will help our tribe build real relationships with people just like them. The Forum is troll-free, filled with positive vibes, and created as an authentic organized discussion-based platform. Members can post photos, make friends, find travel buddies, explore potential relationships, and engage in various deep and thoughtful conversations. 

We are slowly migrating away from Patreon and are using The Native Borne Village to replace it.

Our slow migration away from Patreon is for a couple of reasons:

1) We prefer a private monthly membership on a platform that we have 100% control over. 

2) We want the option to offer free trials, coupons, private lessons for individual members, and whatever else. 

 But most importantly, the vibrant, easy-to-organize community/forum of our new platform will offer much more engagement.

Because of the number of questions and comments we get through our email and social media platforms, it has also been challenging for us to respond to everyone. So, we needed to find a way to help our tribe get their questions answered, and for them to be able to help others as well. That’s what a community is all about. We’re all here to help each other reach a common goal of Family, Freedom, and Happiness.

We have been working on our new Social Network for some months. Both of us wanted to create a space where we could form a real bond with our tribe while connecting them with other people around the world as well.

Check our Forum  www.nativebornevillage/subscriptions

Here, you’ll be able to ask/answer questions and engage with people more easily.

We hope to see you on the other side. Let’s fill our forums up with engaging and positive conversations. Peace!

Happiness Versus The Pursuit Of Happiness

Happiness, in one form or another, is the focus of every living creature. We all want to be happy.

Interestingly, there are many different ways we choose to pursue happiness. A corporate-raiding billionaire and a preschool teacher are both pursuing happiness in their own way. While there are great differences between the lifestyles of happy people, there are many things they share in common, too. See why pursuing happiness directly is ineffective:

1. Happiness isn’t a thing that can be pursued. You can pursue a specific model of car or 6-pack abs. You can’t pursue happiness because it’s not a tangible thing. Happiness is the result of living life in a particular way. The particular way is different for everyone, but there are guidelines you can follow.

2. Happiness is internal. Happiness is already inside of you. It’s your natural state. It’s not something you need to find out in the world and capture. You only need a few circumstances in your life to permit it to be experienced.

3. Possessions don’t lead to happiness. You can’t buy your way to happiness. Have you ever purchased anything that made you happy six months after you purchased it? Buying things can be pleasurable, but the pleasure is temporary.

4. Fun doesn’t lead to happiness. Fun is a temporary distraction. Riding a roller coaster is fun. Eating a bowl of ice cream is fun. Fun is a great diversion from the monotony of everyday life, but it won’t make you happy.

What does a person need in order to be happy?

1. Sufficient financial resources. It’s been well established that happiness doesn’t increase with an income once a level of roughly $75,000 is attained. However, it does increase up to that income level! A sufficient income allows you to fund a comfortable lifestyle and pursue your most important hobbies. It’s not easy to be happy if you don’t have a roof over your head or enough food to eat.

2. Relationships. Meaningful relationships and interaction with others are important parts of happiness. There are few people that can be truly alone in life and be happy. This is one of the core reasons highly successful people are often miserable. They frequently lack meaningful relationships.

3. Feeling needed. We like to feel needed. We like to believe that our existence matters to someone. Volunteering is a simple way to fulfill this need. Caring for a pet is another way to feel needed.

4. Positive expectations. When you have a positive outlook on your future, it’s much easier to experience happiness in your life. Optimistic and hopeful people are more likely to be happy. Knowing that you’re taking a great vacation in a few months is another type of positive expectation that can increase the level of happiness you feel. What do you have to look forward to in your life?

5. The feeling of progress in your life. A little progress can unleash a lot of happiness. Even if you still have 100 pounds to lose, losing just three pounds this week feels pretty good. Set a few goals and make progress toward them. You’ll feel great.

6. A lack of things that make you miserable. This is important. Happiness isn’t just about attaining a set of criteria in your life. It’s also about not having negative things in your life that block happiness from shining. Ask yourself what the worst parts of your life are and fix the things you can.

Having all of these in your life is no guarantee that you’ll be happy, but it comes close. Can you imagine all of these items in your life and still not being happy? It isn’t very likely.

Avoid chasing after happiness directly. Instead, create the right environment for happiness to appear.

Join People All Over The World

We are open-minded and eager to explore new ideas!

Thank you for joining the tribe of Family, Freedom, Happiness advocates. We purposefully created this community so all of us can have a safe place to come together over similar interests. Whether it is travel, relationships, fun activities, friendships, business tips, etc.

We can only grow and develop when we maintain an open mind. It is important for us to consider new ideas and perspectives. We want this to be an open and curious group of thought-leaders. We are always interested in learning more.

Get ready to have conversations with others who view the world differently than you do. These are wonderful opportunities for us to learn and expand our perspective.

“I learn little when I only listen to people that share my viewpoints.”

Many people are only interested in reinforcing what they believe. They ignore others that have a different perspective. I am the opposite. I like it when I am challenged.

I am always excited to learn something new. This allows me to grow twice as fast. I am interested in personal growth more than always having to be correct.

Today, join the conversation! Ask questions, begin a thread, and meet new people from all over the globe. Come in peace, be open-minded and eager to explore new ideas.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have any beliefs that I am uncertain about? What are they?
  2. Whom do I know that views the world very differently than I do? What can I learn from them?
  3. What books can I read that have a different viewpoint than I do?