Community Values

The Native Borne Village

The members of The Native Borne Village are different. We’re from all over the world, with different kinds of experiences, varying attitudes, beliefs, intelligences, ages, races, religions, hometowns, and values that we believe in.

The Native Borne Village is an online community aimed at bringing people together in real life.

The mission of The Native Borne Village is simple:

To build a global community of life-enthusiasts who support and inspire one another to live better, happier, and fuller lives. As community facilitators, we strive to provide our community the support and knowledge to make your dreams a reality through the pursuit of doing what you love and helping others.

Here everyone is equal, from all walks of life, participating in discussions centered around a big picture vision for a better world. You can come to discuss all manner of topics, including online heart-centered business, family values, digital nomads, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable living.

Together we are strong! Together we can support one another in reaching for anything we want in life, and together we are united on the path to family, freedom and happiness ?

Note: Everyone is welcome. As long as you’re 18 and older, you can be a member. You can be anyone, from anywhere, who does anything. The one real requirement is that you be respectful and responsible towards how you communicate with others.

Building A Real Connection

Connection is key – Our lives are shaped by the people around us. Think about it, has any person been the source of your love of travel? Has anyone’s story inspired you to finally start that business you’ve been putting off? Has someone’s sage wisdom helped change your life plans for the better? Has anyone’s opposition pushed you further toward any of your dreams?

Whether you met a person in real life, watched a show, or read a book – there was a connection you felt that had you take action toward fulfilling a particular dream of yours.

The sad truth is, we know that “life” can sometimes be an isolating experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your first trip, looking to relocate, or needing help on life-altering decisions. It’s always nice to connect with people who share your passions, in-person (as well as online)!

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