Native Borne Village Etiquette

Please Do:

  1. Do remember you are dealing with humans.  When you are posting online, all you see is a computer screen.  Ask yourself if you would say something to a person’s face.  If not, don’t post it.

  2. Do report spam.

  3. Do use an “Innocent until proven guilty” mentality.  Unless there is obvious proof that a post is fake, please DO NOT say it is.  It ruins the experience for not only you but all of the other people that browse the site every day.

  4. Do report hateful, abusive, name-calling posts as abuse. See FAQs

Please Don’t:

  1. Do Not post sexually explicit details.  We don’t want “that” kind of reputation.

  2. Do Not post someone’s personal information or links to personal information.  Users posting personal info are subject to immediate account blocking.

  3. Do Not be intentionally rude at all.  By choosing not to be rude, you make the site better for us all.

  4. Do Not start a flame war.  Just report it as abuse or contact a moderator and then walk away.  See FAQ

  5. Do Not insult or call others names.  Insults and name-calling does not contribute to a rational discussion and will be subject to consequences. See FAQ

  6. Do Not report a post as abusive just because you don’t agree with the content.