African American Geneology Reveal – Extended Version



Hey Fam! This is the extended version of the video we uploaded on YouTube. It goes into more detail regarding the findings of my African American Ancestry. Have you learned something interesting about your family history? If so, share it below. 

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  • Oh guys! I just watched your extended video! That was SOOOOOOOOOO good! Wow…tracing your history back with the help of a professional genealogist was SUCH a blessing! I felt blessed just watching it…I can only imagine how awesome that in-depth examination was for you guys! John, you look so much like your grandfather! It’s in our blood and our bones, though the oppressors tried to crush us in every way, as Maya Angelou says in her famous poem, “Still, like air, I RISE!!!!” WE RISE!!! I’m so pumped now! I thank you for sharing this inspirational video!!!

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