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The Native Borne Village is a global community of life-enthusiasts who support and inspire one another to live better, happier, and fuller lives.

Our forum is a Q&A (question-and-answer) platform, discussion board, knowledge-sharing space, and problem-solving support zone. We have fun here while earning points and badges in exchange for cool rewards.

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Join for peace of mind, a friendly atmosphere, and a loving vibe. We share our tips and tricks on living a life of Family, Freedom, and Happiness.

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  • Forums are dedicated to virtually any long-term topic

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  • A simple way to quickly ask/answer questions

  • A great way to meet and interact with new people.

  • Fresh content and various perspectives from people just like you

  • Interactive space where members can share constructive criticism and praise alike.

  • A safe space to have real discussions and keep it on topic

  • Peer-to-peer moderation

  • “People love being surrounded by a tribe of people just like them, united by a common interest, with similar problems and worries to chat about.” ~ Seth Godin

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