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We are open-minded and eager to explore new ideas!

Thank you for joining the tribe of Family, Freedom, Happiness advocates. We purposefully created this community so all of us can have a safe place to come together over similar interests. Whether it is travel, relationships, fun activities, friendships, business tips, etc.

We can only grow and develop when we maintain an open mind. It is important for us to consider new ideas and perspectives. We want this to be an open and curious group of thought-leaders. We are always interested in learning more.

Get ready to have conversations with others who view the world differently than you do. These are wonderful opportunities for us to learn and expand our perspective.

“I learn little when I only listen to people that share my viewpoints.”

Many people are only interested in reinforcing what they believe. They ignore others that have a different perspective. I am the opposite. I like it when I am challenged.

I am always excited to learn something new. This allows me to grow twice as fast. I am interested in personal growth more than always having to be correct.

Today, join the conversation! Ask questions, begin a thread, and meet new people from all over the globe. Come in peace, be open-minded and eager to explore new ideas.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have any beliefs that I am uncertain about? What are they?
  2. Whom do I know that views the world very differently than I do? What can I learn from them?
  3. What books can I read that have a different viewpoint than I do?

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